La Diva, Corliss Randall, soaked deep in the rich musical gumbo of New Orleans, birthplace of the blues and Corliss herself, belts her heart out for London's more discerning clientele.

This busty redhead, stiched into the most improbably tight and sexy outfits, takes no prisoners as she grabs the audience by the lapels and shakes 'em up (and down!), leaving them baying for more of the treatment. As Mae West, Judy Garland, Peggy Lee or just as herself she sets the joint a-rockin' and the cash tills rollin' with her sassy take on lowdown blues, heart-wrenching ballads, show-stopping show tunes, great standards from the likes of Gershwin, Jerome Kern and Cole Porter and all the best of New Orleans' vast musical repertoire.

Corliss plays with a song like a sadistic cat with a mouse. "I like to give them a twist," she says. "See what's in there. I never sing anything the same way twice." If you want a true, honest-to-goodness stagecraft, soulful singing and someone who can really work a room, catch Corliss Randall's act. This dame is good for what ails you, so grab a piece if you know what's good for you.

Further information and bookings:
Telephone: 020 7486 1871
Mobile: 07932 859586